Rape is an incredibly serious sexual offence.

It is an indictable only offence which means that an allegation of rape can only be heard in the Crown Court.

Rape is defined under Section 1 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 ("The Act") as one person's intentional penetration of another person's vagina, anus or mouth with his penis, where the other person does not consent, and he does not believe the other person consents.

A conviction for rape carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Rape victims can be male or female; however, only males can be charged with the specific crime of rape.

False Rape Allegations

If an allegation of rape is made against you, it is really important to seek expert legal advice at the earliest possible opportunity.

During the early stages of an investigation, the police will start collecting evidence and witness statements. It can be overwhelming for someone falsely accused of rape and, therefore, easy for you as a suspect to make errors and misjudgements when dealing with authorities.

Knowing your rights is critical if you are facing a rape allegation and have been interviewed by the police - or are due to be interviewed by the police.

How Can Monan Gozzett Solicitors Help If You're Facing False Rape Allegations?

We recognise the stress and severe impact false rape allegations and a rape charge can have on an individual when they simply do not know what is happening or is likely to happen next.

Our priority from the outset will be to try and avoid an initial arrest. Any arrest on one’s record can cause problems with travel, with numerous occupations and for those studying for certain careers.

We have extensive experience liaising with police and have unparalleled success at getting false rape allegation cases dropped at the police station.

We also vigorously defend clients at trial and advise them throughout the appeal process if they are already convicted at the time of our instruction. We appreciate the need to handle each case sensitively and with discretion, ensuring that you and your family are supported throughout each stage of the process.

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Because of the seriousness of the crime, if you are facing false rape allegations, it is important that you seek legal representation as soon as possible.

Our rape defence solicitors will be able to advise on the next best steps in your legal defence.

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