Frauds usually take place over several years and those responsible will often go to extreme lengths to cover their tracks and avoid detection.  A rapid and decisive response is therefore essential in order to successfully recover lost assets and protect your business and commercial reputation.

We have solid experience in pursuing and defending all types of civil fraud claims including breaches of fiduciary duty, breaches of trust, conspiracy, deceit, dishonest assistance and unjust enrichment.

Our team acts for both Claimants who have been the victims of fraud and Defendants against whom allegations of fraud and dishonesty have been made.  We have the expertise to investigate fraud at the early stages and use the full range of relevant legal tools available in order to protect, trace and successfully recover our clients’ missing assets.

Account Freezing Orders

There are various interlocutory measures available to individuals who have been the victims of fraud and who wish to secure and recover assets quickly.  The main nuclear weapon is an Account Freezing Order which is designed to locate stolen money and property, and also prevent the dissipation of assets.

We regularly apply for and successfully obtain Freezing Orders, often at short notice, on behalf of our clients.  Freezing Orders can also have a significant impact on individuals as access to funds may be denied.  We are able to advise clients on their obligations under such orders and help access funds to meet personal, legal and business expenses.

We also complement the work of our business crime and regulatory team who defend individuals and companies faced with criminal prosecutions for fraud. If you or your company needs to contest an Account Freezing Order, our team will be able to help advise.

We are also able to advise clients who wish to pursue civil remedies where a criminal prosecution for fraud is not desirable or has not been made.

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