Restraint and Confiscation proceedings are frequently being used in criminal investigations and prosecutions. Restraint proceedings can be made against a defendant early in a criminal investigation.

Such proceedings freeze defendants' assets and can have a devastating financial effect on the defendant, their families, and their businesses even prior to any charge.

A confiscation order is made after a person has been convicted and enables the authorities to deprive the defendant of the financial benefit of his/her criminal activities.

Proceeds of Crime applications give power to the police to apply to the court to seize property and freeze bank accounts.

How We Can Help

This area of law is extremely complicated, and if the court makes a Confiscation Order, this can be a considerable sum and, if not paid, can attract a prison sentence.

Our partners have extensive experience in relation to restrain or confiscation proceedings and advising clients, which has led to the variation or discharge of orders.

We have an excellent record in having the “benefit figure” reduced. We will challenge every part of the prosecution case in order to protect your future.

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