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What Is Parental Responsibility?

Parental responsibility is a legal concept that encompasses the rights, duties, powers, and responsibilities a parent holds concerning their child and their child's property.

It is a fundamental aspect of family law that governs how significant decisions are made in a child's life.

Parental responsibility grants parents the authority to make choices about crucial matters, such as:

  • where the child lives
  • living abroad
  • how they are educated
  • medical treatment
  • religion
  • travel

Who Gets Parental Responsibility?

In the context of marriage, parental responsibility is automatically shared between both parents, even if they divorce or separate.

This means that both the mother and father have equal rights and responsibilities when making important decisions in their child's life.

For unmarried fathers, the process of acquiring parental responsibility may vary.

It's important to note that if a father does not have parental responsibility, the mother automatically holds full parental responsibility.

However, there are circumstances where a father can acquire parental responsibility, ensuring both parents have a say in important decisions affecting their child's life.

Obtaining Parental Responsibility

Obtaining parental responsibility is a significant step for any parent who wants to actively participate in their child's upbringing and decision-making process.

There are a number of different ways you can go about getting parental responsibility, including:

Parental Responsibility Agreement

A Parental Responsibility Agreement is a formal, legally binding document that allows both parents to agree to share parental responsibility.

It is often used when the child's parents are unmarried, and the father wishes to secure his parental rights.

Both parents, including the mother and the father, must consent to and sign this agreement.

This agreement is a straightforward and amicable way to establish parental responsibility.

Parental Responsibility Court Order

In some situations, seeking a Parental Responsibility Order from the court may be necessary to acquire parental responsibility.

Eligible individuals who can apply for a Parental Responsibility Order include:

  • Fathers who are not married to the child's mother.
  • Step-parents who have been actively involved in the child's life and want to formalise their parental responsibility rights.
  • Grandparents, in certain exceptional cases (for example, if they have been the primary caregivers for the child).

When determining whether to grant a Parental Responsibility Order, the court will prioritise the child's best interests.

It is essential to present a compelling case to demonstrate your commitment to your child's well-being and upbringing.

Father's Name on Birth Certificate

If a child is born or re-registered after December 1, 2003, and the father's name is included on the birth certificate, he automatically acquires parental responsibility.

This is a simple and automatic way for unmarried fathers to establish their parental responsibility.

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