If you require advice relating to any type of firearms, Monan Gozzett can advise you in relation to the specific laws that apply to your case. The laws in relation to firearms are extremely complex and require expert solicitors to deal with any issue. The rules often cause major problems for individuals and shooting clubs and robust advice and action is often needed urgently.

Monan Gozzett can advise on the following:

  • Shotgun and firearm certificate applications
  • Appeals in relation to certificate applications
  • Advice on revocations and refusals of certificates
  • Licensing for shooting clubs
  • Trespass shooting cases
  • Unlawful wounding

Firearms Appeals

Monan Gozzett also advises on firearms appeals.

Your licence can be revoked by the Chief Constable, and you will be asked to surrender your guns or they will be confiscated.

We have an excellent reputation in appealing revocations of firearm licences.

You have 21 days from receipt of the refusal or notice of revocation to appeal.

An appeal may be made to the Crown Court if you believe it has been unfairly withdrawn or you have been unfairly categorised.

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