At Monan Gozzett, we understand that the journey of co-parenting after separation or divorce can be challenging, emotionally charged, and legally intricate.

Our Family Law team specialise in crafting meticulously tailored shared parenting agreements designed to ensure the well-being of your children while fostering a cooperative co-parenting relationship.

Our expertise lies not only in the legal intricacies of parenting agreements but also in recognising your family's unique dynamics.

We offer personalised solutions, transparent advice, and a supportive environment where your concerns are heard and addressed.

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What Is A Shared Parenting Agreement?

A shared parenting agreement, also commonly referred to as a parenting agreement or parental agreement, is a legally recognised document that outlines the intentions, agreements, and practical day-to-day arrangements for children in separated or divorced families.

While a shared parenting agreement is not enforced in the same manner as a court order, it serves as a written record of the agreed-upon arrangements. It can be invaluable in resolving disputes that may arise in the future.

At Monan Gozzett, our Family Law team is dedicated to helping separated or divorced couples, as well as individuals who are not in a relationship but share parental responsibilities.

We understand the importance of creating a comprehensive shared parenting agreement that promotes the best interests of your children and ensures a harmonious co-parenting relationship.

What Can Be Included In A Shared Parenting Agreement?

The content of a shared parenting agreement can vary based on each family's unique needs and circumstances.

Here are some key elements that can be included in a shared parenting agreement:

Residence and Day-to-Day Care

Determining the primary residence for the child or children and specifying the amount of time they will spend with each parent or other family members.

Contact Arrangements

Outlining how the child or children will spend time with the other parent, particularly if one parent has more day-to-day care responsibilities. This may include provisions for special occasions like holidays and birthdays.

Financial Support

Detailing the financial arrangements made for the support and well-being of the child or children. This can include child support payments and the division of expenses related to their upbringing.

Important Issues

Addressing significant decisions regarding the child's upbringing, such as their schooling, religious upbringing, medical treatment, or potential name changes.

A shared parenting agreement should provide clarity, promote cooperation, and ensure the child's welfare remains paramount as both parents navigate the complexities of co-parenting.

Legal guidance from family law professionals can be invaluable in creating a comprehensive shared parenting agreement that meets your family's requirements.

How Can Our Solicitors Help With Shared Parenting Agreements?

Our team of experienced solicitors at Monan Gozzett's Family Law Services is here to provide expert assistance in creating a shared parenting agreement tailored to your unique circumstances.

We offer an initial consultation to understand your specific needs, concerns, and goals. Our solicitors bring extensive knowledge and experience in family law to ensure a legally sound agreement.

We work closely with you to create a personalised agreement that reflects your family's dynamics and preferences. If disputes arise, our solicitors can facilitate productive discussions and resolutions.

We maintain transparency regarding anticipated fees for our services. We prioritise your child's best interests in all decisions and encourage open communication and cooperation between parents.

We assist in planning for the future, including provisions for agreement modifications as circumstances change. Monan Gozzett is your trusted partner in creating a shared parenting agreement that promotes your child's well-being and a harmonious co-parenting relationship.

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