Do you know what happens to your photos or passwords when you die?

While it may be confronting to think about (and we certainly don’t want to preach doom and gloom), we all possess countless digital assets, and this is becoming an increasingly important part of a person's estate as technology moves forward.

Have you wondered what will happen to the photos and videos currently living on your phone, or stored in your cloud storage?

What about passwords for your online accounts? All of our most important communications, documents and bills go to our email or live in online services. How will your business partners access client communications without your email account? How will your loved ones cancel your Netflix or Internet without the logins?

As a forward-thinking and progressive firm, we have teamed up with BePrepared, an online vault that helps you store and protect all this data in one secure place, and when the time comes, we will safely distribute these items to your loved ones.

Sixty seconds to set up. Hours of stress saved for those left behind.

Let’s face it. Death is something none of us really want to talk about.
But when it comes, we all want to ease the burden for those we love and leave behind.

In three quick, easy steps you can ensure your entire digital presence can be managed as per your wishes after you pass away:

  • Your account is created and your login details sent securely to you
  • Choose the key contacts who will receive your digital records
  • Upload files, create documents, and choose who gets what.

Connected To Your Solicitor

By adding your solicitor to your account, they can help you manage and maintain your account. We offer this service to clients where we hold a copy of their Will, but if you would like to discuss transferring your Will over to us, then do get in touch and we can discuss further.

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