Where there has been a Police investigation which has concluded in No Further Action (NFA) being taken, your first thoughts and feelings are going to be of relief that you are no longer under suspicion and that the ordeal of the investigation is over.  However, the fact that you were arrested on suspicion of a criminal offence will remain on your record and can leave a series of questions left unanswered for anyone inspecting your record, whether that be for employment or travel purposes.  They might ask, so were they innocent?  Or was it that the Police just didn’t have enough evidence against them to proceed?  Are they really of good character or do I need to worry about offering them employment?

In addition, did you know that some countries don’t allow you to visit for a holiday, business or to emigrate if you have an arrest record?  Imagine traveling abroad for important business and not being allowed into the country you need to meet that really important client or even going on honeymoon and not being allowed into the country where you plan to start your married life.  It can have devasting effects on your professional and personal life which can all be avoided.

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