Many people are unaware of the impact an arrest can have on both your personal and professional life. Not everyone is aware, that these records can be deleted from the police national computer (PNC) via a detailed application and providing supporting evidence.

Many jobs require employers to get a DBS (Disclosure & Barring) check from the government. This check confirms information held by the police, including details of unspent convictions, cautions, etc. Upon release of this information, employers have been known to suspend or dismiss current employees, or refuse job offers to potential employees. Furthermore, if you have been arrested, this can show up on an enhanced DBS certificate or local records, even though you were not charged. Having the arrest deleted would put you in a stronger position in relation to future employment and travel (including short term visa applications and emigrating).

Monan Gozzett have a proven track record of successfully appealing for records to be deleted from the Police National Computer, allowing you to continue your life and show your friends and family that you were falsely accused. We have been instructed and successful in having records deleted for a variety of city professionals, international sporting coaches and many more.

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