Whilst the legal process for obtaining the divorce itself is straightforward, resolving your finances can be the most challenging and stressful part of the divorce process.

Our team of experts has experience dealing with high profile clients with family wealth or high income. Our aim is to ensure the best outcome for you, quickly, with minimum stress and cost.  Whether you are concerned with protecting your assets or ensuring you get your fair share, we will provide a bespoke service based on your individual requirements and objectives.

It is sensible to seek advice at the outset of your divorce, so you are aware of the options available and what is involved. In some cases, it is crucial to take urgent action to protect assets in the UK or elsewhere or to ensure that proceedings are issued in your preferred jurisdiction.

There are many options to explore, with Court proceedings usually being the last option.

Divorce outcomes vary depending on each couples' unique circumstances and contrary to common perception there is no automatic 50-50 division of assets or income.

We can advise you at an early stage as to the options available to you and the likely settlement achievable through the use of the Court process. This will enable you to go enter into negotiations fully informed.

Our Services

We can advise you on:

  • What could happen to the matrimonial home or any other properties;
  • How savings and investments can be divided
  • Pension valuations and sharing
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Child maintenance and the Child Maintenance Service
  • International assets
  • Trusts and companies
  • Enforcing Financial Orders
  • Varying an existing Financial Orders
  • Divorce and the Family Farm

You may be able to make arrangements with your ex-partner directly, through us negotiating on your behalf or via mediation or the collaborative law process.

If an agreement can be reached, we can assist in making the agreement binding and legally enforceable by preparing or advising on a consent order.

In addition to specialist solicitors our divorce team also includes a dedicated financial accounting and wealth management team.  Led by a qualified chartered accountant with more than 20 years experience, our financial team can provide immediate advice at the outset of your matter in relation to the likely scale and nature of your case and advise your solicitor where they should concentrate their efforts. At an early stage they can review what documents your ex-spouse as provided, identify where important financial information is missing and help trace hidden assets.  They can assist with the valuation of business interests, comment on tax issues and how assets can be best used or protected during your divorce.

We also work also regularly work alongside other professionals, King’s counsel, medical professionals, financial advisors, mediators, counsellors and family therapists to support you in the best way possible.

We offer an initial call with one of our representatives in order to assess whether we are able to assist you and to discuss anticipated fees for our services.

If you would like to speak to our expert legal team about this, or any related subject then please contact our team by phone on 0207 936 6329, Email or by completing our Quick Contact Form below.