Parental alienation is a profoundly distressing situation where a child is manipulated or influenced to turn against one of their parents, often causing profound emotional consequences for both the alienated parent and the child.

At Monan Gozzett, our dedicated team of parental alienation solicitors understands the complexities and emotional toll associated with such cases.

If you find yourself unfairly targeted and estranged from your child, our experienced legal team can help.

Contact our expert parental alienation lawyers for advice tailored to your situation and explore the options available to you in resolving these challenging family dynamics.

How Monan Gozzett Solicitors Can Help With Parental Alienation

We understand the pain, sadness, anger and frustration you must feel when subject to parental alienation.

We aim to make the welfare of your child and your parental rights our top priority.

Whether you are:

  • A non-resident parent facing Parental Alienation
  • A resident parent facing Parental Alienation
  • A parent being accused of Parental Alienation

We are here to help.

Our family law team regularly advises clients through divorce, civil partnership dissolution and separation proceedings. We also commonly help individuals experiencing ongoing parenting disputes with their former partners.

Why Choose Monan Gozzett Solicitors For Help With Parental Alienation?

Alienation cases are particularly complex.

They affect not just the alienated parent but the extended family, and the impact of the destruction of family relationships will have long-term consequences for all those involved.

It is essential not just to address the hostile parent’s behaviour but to also consider what course of action is in the child's best interests with a view to promoting a relationship with both parents whilst trying to minimise further trauma or distress.

Our experienced team aim to support you and your children through the process, and we have experience working with a range of other professionals, including:

  • child and family therapists
  • counsellors
  • mediators
  • child psychologists
  • barristers who specialise in parental alienation

We offer an initial call with one of our representatives to assess whether we can assist you and discuss anticipated fees for our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Parental Alienation

What is parental alienation?

Parental alienation describes situations where a child turns against a parent in an extreme way, refusing to see them and wanting to sever their relationship with them.

It can occur in intact and separated families, with the alienating parent usually the primary carer.

You can read more about the definition of parental alienation in our recent article.

What are the signs of parental alienation?

Alienation may begin subtly over a period of time.

It can begin with the alienating parent making derogatory comments and denigrating the other parent.

The targeted parent will feel undermined and unsupported when caring for the children and feel like the children are encouraged to defy their authority.

This can then be followed by the alienator reducing the other parent’s contact with the child for what may appear to be rational reasons at first.

But then the alienated parent may find themselves excluded from involvement in the child's day-to-day life. They may not be aware of school parent evenings, concerts or shows, medical appointments etc. Important decisions about the child's life may be made in isolation leaving the alienated parent feeling excluded and uninformed.

Is parental alienation a crime?

Parental alienation is not a crime in England and Wales. However, some campaigners argue that it should qualify as a form of child abuse.

What can I do about parental alienation?

If you suspect you are a victim of parental alienation, we would advise seeking legal guidance as soon as you can.

A Court application for a Child Arrangement Order will usually need to be made. As part of that process, the Court can order assessments and expert involvement if required.

Our family law team will be able to talk you through each step of the process, offering help and support throughout.

We have also listed 5 key ideas to help deal with parental alienation.


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