Allegations of historic sexual abuse can be devastating.

They can happen entirely out of the blue, leaving those who have been accused shocked and devastated.

We understand that such cases demand careful and expert handling.

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What Does Historic Sexual Abuse Mean?

Historic sexual offences can be very complicated cases.

In simple terms, they are offences that happened some time ago. Crucially, no time limit applies to the reporting of historic sexual offences.

It is important to note that these cases will be dealt with by the laws that were current at the time of the alleged offence. So that might mean the Sexual Offences Act 1956 or – if the offence is alleged after 1 May 2004 – the Sexual Offences Act 2003.

In terms of sentencing guidelines for historic sexual offences, this would very much depend on the severity of the alleged crime.

Does The Age Of The Defendant Make A Difference In Historic Sexual Offence Cases?

Due to the nature of a historic offence, there’s a chance that the defendant is now elderly or was a child during the time of the offence.

The court will take into account if you were a child at the time but will not take into account otherwise.

It is vital that if under investigation of or charged with a historical sexual offence, you are encouraged to seek legal representation.

How We Can Help

Suppose an allegation of historic sexual abuse is made against you. In that case, you must seek expert legal guidance as soon as possible.

Several defences for various sexual offences can be considered for various accusations, including historic sexual offences.

Monan Gozzett has a dedicated team of sexual offence defence lawyers who can advise on the best course of action to take as soon as an allegation has been made and arrange for police station attendance and pre-charge representation.

We also vigorously defend clients at trial and advise them throughout the appeal process if they are already convicted at the time of our instruction. We appreciate the need to handle each case sensitively and with discretion, ensuring that you and your family are supported throughout each stage.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Historic Sexual Offences

Can the police search my home?

Yes, in order to look for evidence, the police will likely be granted access to your home by a judge or magistrate. Officers will be allowed to search your property, vehicle, workplace and personal information.

Could I Go To Jail If Found Guilty of historic sexual offences?

Penalties for sex offences have become more stringent over the past few decades.

Custodial sentences are a possibility. Many factors will influence a judge's decision, including:

  • The nature of the allegations.
  • The period over which the offences were said to have occurred.
  • The age of the alleged victim(s).
  • The defendant's age at the time of the offence and the prosecution.
  • Whether the defendant is considered very ill or frail at the time of sentencing.
  • If the defendant was in a position of trust when the alleged offence was committed.
  • Any previous convictions.

For example, in instances of a rape conviction, anyone found guilty could be looking at a custodial sentence of around six years (10 years if the victim was a child or you were in a position of trust).

At Monan Gozzett, we regularly handle historic sexual offence crimes and have deep expertise in this field.

Will a conviction for historic sexual offences go on my criminal record?

If you are convicted of historic sexual offences, the conviction will be noted on your police record. The endorsement period will depend on the type and sentence length.

Your name will also be added to the sex offenders register. You will also be required to report routinely to a probation officer who will have significant involvement in your day-to-day life.

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