Our team of expert lawyers are frequently instructed to provide advice to clients who are facing false allegations against themselves and/or their companies, which can often lead to either a criminal complaint or civil claim being filed. These can involve a wide variety of matters including sexual offences, white collar fraud, civil fraud, professional negligence claims and cases of general malpractice.  The reputational consequences of being falsely accused can be devastating and it is therefore essential to be as proactive as possible in order to protect yourself and minimise any potential damage.

Best practice indicates that you should not wait until the Police, Regulators or Public authorities, or indeed the Courts, are involved before taking action. It is imperative that you act immediately to protect your legal interests, property and business and also safeguard your reputation.

Our experienced team possess a wealth of knowledge to the types of issues that can impact on your personal and professional reputation during an investigation or proceedings.  We can assist in protecting your legal interests and reputation, as well as providing support to you and others around you, so as to place you and your organisation in the best position moving forward.  This means that we can take steps to avoid any further action being taken against you or commence preparing your defence and protecting you immediately.  Our multi-disciplinary team is able to provide advice in a variety of specialist areas such as criminal law, dispute resolution, commercial and family law, which ensures that you are protected from all angles.

We also have experience of liaising with the media, handling threats to reveal information and dealing with social media issues. We always ensure matters are dealt with sensitively, swiftly and with discretion.

We advise a broad range of domestic and international clients from high-net worth individuals to corporate organisations and we have an unparalleled track record in always striving for and getting excellent results.

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