Where you have been charged with an offence you will need to instruct a firm that will leave no stone unturned in relation to compiling your defence and analysing the prosecution case against you.

What is the impact on you and why you need specialist advice

Any charge against you can be devastating to both the accused and their family, be it a false allegation, malicious, misguided or for any other reason. Reputations can be ruined and lives can be devastated as a result. The emotional impact can not only be huge, but it can also have a direct impact on your day to day life. It can cause pressures in relation to your job, your finances and ultimately your wellbeing.

Preparing for trial

Cases need to be dealt with robustly and promptly in order to preserve evidence. Those accused should feel confident that their lawyers will devote sufficient time to collating evidence in support of their defence, and fully prepare the accused in relation to the procedure and processes.

Why instruct us?

Running serious and complex criminal cases demands a specialist and wide-ranging skillset that needs to be applied to your specific circumstances. These include:

  • having the highest quality of analytical and investigative disciplines, often combining both legal and financial expertise.
  • the ability to look at complex problems from varying positions in order to develop the best arguments and solutions.
  • bringing together the right team to work collaboratively and flexibly, often for a sustained period of time.
  • applying professional project management skills that can recognise and anticipate the critical tasks required, and when they need to be taken for your case.

We will make you feel like you are our only client due to the level of service you will receive. At Monan Gozzett our expertise and experience defending clients is a given, but it is our core values, empathy and understanding, that makes us stand out from the crowd. Understanding what you face, how it will be dealt with, and how you can deal with this are key.

We will spend time investigating your case, interviewing witnesses, collating information to ensure the best results for you. We ensure that we handpick the right counsel, liaising with them throughout, so that you receive a first class service.

We offer representation at all Courts across England & Wales, and given our extensive network of working with leading KCs and experienced Counsel, we can ensure you get the right level and experience of Counsel at short notice.

What our clients say about us

Facing trial at Crown Court "When you are in that position, absolutely nothing can substitute for having the right, the best people fighting in your corner, who take the time to delve into the paperwork, to know the case inside out, to understand all the various factors at play and to get a sense of the whole complex scenario, who can quickly familiarise themselves with what you have been immersed in for years or months before, who have the experience to be able to "see the woods from the trees" and who you can put 100% trust and reliance on, knowing that they are hard at work on your behalf and that they know exactly what they are doing."

"Maria was with us every day at court with Ms Grey (KC), following things up as needed as the trial progressed and she worked tirelessly with Ms Grey to ensure that at each stage, not only was there a full assessment of what had transpired and a plan organised for the next stage, but careful note was being kept by both of points for Ms Grey to capitalise on ad hoc and to incorporate in the draft of Ms Grey's closing speech. The value of what they gave us back is priceless".

"When I offered to write up a review of my experience of working with Maria Monan I readily agreed to do it. I then realised that it really wasn’t that simple, as no words can really describe what she has done for me, my partner, my family and my life! Her specialist field of legal representation in false accusations is without a doubt the best that there is to offer, by far. My case was dealt with the upmost detail and with the personal attention that was needed from time to time, especially when the stress of the case was at it highest. I owe my liberty and future to her."

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