If your child does not live with you, you will be required to pay child maintenance for them.

The Child Maintenance Service is responsible for determining the amount the parent is required to pay.

You can undertake the calculation here.

Children Act 1989

In certain circumstances, the Court also has the power to make an order for financial provision for children under Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989.

The Court will only make an order where the paying parent is a high earner and falls outside the scope of the Child Maintenance Service, where a parent lives abroad, to meet education expenses or to assist with the costs of a child with additional needs.

The Court has the power to make an order for the benefit of the child which can include:
- Periodical Payments
- Lump Sum Orders
- Transfer of Property Orders
- Settlement or Property
- Payment of School Fees
- Carer’s allowance

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