"How do I start a private prosecution?" - What you need to know

It is common knowledge that the criminal justice system is currently under serious strain at present. A variety of issues are plaguing courts, solicitors, barristers, CPS and the Police, but the two main issues in our view are a lack of funding and under-staffing of the relevant authorities. This can sometimes lead to cases not being fully investigated and as a result justice is not being delivered. Therefore, individuals are now starting to look at private prosecutions. A private prosecution is a prosecution started by a private individual, who is not acting on behalf of the police or, any other prosecuting authority which conducts prosecutions.

The procedure can be somewhat daunting for private individuals. We can assist you, first and foremost, in advising whether you have a case. We can then advise you throughout the journey.

It is important to note from the outset that once the prosecution is under way, should the CPS become aware of it they may wish to take over the prosecution and make their own assessment.

If you have been affected by a criminal act and the police have/will not investigate an allegation, please contact our expert team to discuss if you could commence a private prosecution. We work closely with leading barristers in central London to ensure you receive the best service.

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