We are in the midst of a pandemic which has cast uncertainty on what is considered to be ‘normal’ life. People are now spending significantly more time at home due to the lockdown, albeit there is some light on the horizon.

Whilst spending more time at home, people have realised that home is not as quiet as they had thought, a lot of the time this is down to noisy neighbours that they had not noticed during the more ‘normal’ times.

BBC have published a similar finding:

"Newsbeat contacted 103 councils in the UK and asked if they'd been getting more noise complaints since the lockdown began in March. We got responses from 51 councils and 44 of those reported some kind of rise.

Not every council had the exact data to hand, and the figures covered different time periods and types of complaint.

It does suggest, though, that more people being at home is causing problems in some communities."

There are multiple ways to address this particular issue and is dependent upon the facts at hand. If you are experiencing problems with a neighbour, contact our expert team to see how we can help and take the appropriate action to make your home a happy home.

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