Two rape trials have collapsed in the last week due to the Metropolitan Police failing to disclose vital evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service.

The Attorney General, Jeremy Wright, has said the cases are "appalling failures of the criminal justice system".  The police watchdog has faced urgent calls to conduct a national inquiry.

We believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Many of our clients are the subjects of false allegations of sexual assault and rape. In our experience, it is clear that it is a nationwide problem that the police frequently do not keep an open mind during their investigation and simply accept what the "victims" allege without challenge.

Defending False Allegations

We differ from other defence firms as our objective for our clients is to have false allegations discontinued at the earliest stage, ideally prior to them being charged.

We do this by being really proactive during the earliest stages of a police investigation, ensuring that we obtain disclosure of the allegations before our client is interviewed in order that they can be properly advised before answering police questions.

We do not rely on the police to conduct a fair and thorough investigation.  We will liaise with the police in relation to what evidence they are obtaining and if they are not pursuing lines of enquiry that we view as significant, we will carry that out ourselves and ensure that the material is made available to the Crown Prosecution Service when making a charging decision.

We believe it is crucial that defence concerns about the police investigation and evidence should be raised with the Crown Prosecution Service at the earliest opportunity so the allegations can be properly reviewed at the outset.

Being falsely accused of sexual assault or rape is one of the most stressful and traumatic things a person can experience. It is an appalling miscarriage of justice for allegations to be pursued only for the Crown Prosecution Service to drop the case mid-way through a trial because of an earlier oversight.

If you are currently being investigated or awaiting trial in relation to false allegations of sexual assault or rape, and you wish to contact us, we offer an initial call with you with one of our representatives, so that we can assess whether we are able to assist you.  Only then we will discuss our anticipated fees with you.

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