If you have been previously arrested by the police and they decided to take no further action, you may be able to apply to have this deleted from your record.

If you are arrested, this leaves a “footprint” on the police national computer (PNC), which, in essence, is like a credit search on your Experian credit report; it leaves a trace and could be visible on an enhanced DBS check.

Employment & Travel Complications

If you are a professional, this may cause issues with employment and travel, our team at Monan Gozzett has extensive experience in advising on taking action to delete this record.

We have an excellent record in advising on allegations which have resulted in the prosecuting authorities not proceeding any further and acquittals being obtained, as a result we also regularly advise on record deletion in order for you have a “clean slate”.

If you have been arrested and the police took no further action or were acquitted at trial, call our expert team on 0207 936 6329 or email info@monangozzett.com for assistance.

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