We love it when a client lets us know how we have done. Monan Gozzett recently achieved a ‘no further action’ for a client. Here’s what our client had to say:


"I wanted to drop you a mail with a huge thank you to the Monan Gozzett team following my “No Further Action” notice this week.

From my very first contact with (MG) I have felt that not only did MG professionally have my best interests at heart, but also showed a huge amount of kindness and care to someone who was in complete shock. MG also represented me in the exact way that I wanted to be…e.g. to work with the Police and provide them with all relevant information required to enable the correct decision to be made.

In particular I think that both Louise and Mellissa did a fantastic job and were very professional, whilst also showing a good deal of kindness and care to me. From a client’s point of view, Louise was really good at my 2nd Police interview and definitely helped me no end. I was very thankful to have Louise with me.

And finally, right from our first meeting you (Maria) helped settle me and gave me the confidence that MG were the right firm to represent me. I will always be thankful for the weekend call we had where you calmed my worries.

It's been an exceptionally difficult period of life, that will take a lot of re-building …… but I thank MG on behalf of my family and myself for your true professionalism. I will now move on to a record deletion application with MG."


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