At present there is a vast amount of media commentary in relation to the issue of anonymity when on police bail for present or historic sex allegations. Celebrities who have been accused of false allegations have approached MP’s and the Government to discuss these issues due to the irreparable damage it can cause people accused of false allegations.

The problem these days is people not involved in the criminal justice system, believe in the old phrase “there’s no smoke without fire” which, simply isn’t the case.

Some commentators have also stated that if the matter is not taken any further there is no impact and there there is no need for anonymity. Even if the matter is not taken any further the impact on the accused can be devastating.

Impacts Of False Allegations

False allegations can ruin lives, there is no doubt about that. It can damage people financially, emotionally and physically.

Former MP, Harvey Proctor is a prime example. He was on bail for approximately 18 months and has recently told Sky News that he is  now living in a "glorified shed" after a long campaign to clear his name following child abuse allegations. The 18-month legal battle has left him without a job and said he has been forced to live in an outbuilding at a friend's property.

The Metropolitan Police's Operation Midland, has now concluded with full apologies issued to three men including Mr. Proctor. The complainant, known only as "Nick", is now facing investigation himself. Mr Proctor told Sky News: "I lost my job, my house and all my assets... I am probably unemployable”.

A perfect example of how a false allegation can ruin people’s live in all aspects.

Police Investigations Are Not Trials

A police investigation is only an investigation and not a trial.

The police only need suspicion to arrest someone for an allegation and simply one person alleging an offence happened many years ago can be sufficient for an arrest. Through our years of practising we have knowledge that false allegations can be made for a variety of reasons.

The police and CPS will look to see whether the case meets the threshold for a charge. Therefore some people say that the accused should be kept anonymous until the matter goes to court. The effects as above can be devastating if your name is made public for obvious reasons.

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