Neal Gozzett yesterday successfully secured an acquittal of a client falsely accused of assault against his ex-partner.

His client had no previous convictions or cautions, and a conviction for a false allegation would have been disastrous.

This could have affected travel or future job prospects.


The original evidence served by the prosecution did not include the complainant’s initial statement to the police or the details of calls from members of the public.

Only after Neal Gozzett served a document to obtain this evidence that it was served, otherwise the trial would have proceeded without this evidence.

This evidence was crucial at trial as the complainant had provided a different account which assisted in discrediting her story at trial.

Furthermore, the evidence obtained from the independent witness, which the prosecution failed to serve until chased by the defence, was also imperative.

The complainant stated she calmly followed him out of the house, which was untruthful, and a neighbour indicated that she was shouting and swearing, demonstrating her demeanour, which shed a different light on the case and her behaviour on the night.

This is a classic example of how the weight of a false allegation can be diminished, and acquittals can be secured if expert trial preparation is conducted.

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