A common statement we at Monan Gozzett hear is "I feel lost", "I feel out of control" and "I feel like I am in a bubble with no-where to go".

Being subject to a false allegation can affect you and your family.

Our experience tells us that the feeling of not being in control when subject to a false allegation is the anxiety of waiting to hear from the police. Will they want to speak to you? Will they turn up in the middle of the night to arrest you?

We specialise in taking action immediately.

False Allegations - Taking Immediate Action

Recently, we were instructed by a client, who was told that the police may want to speak to them, but was unsure.

The client was not sleeping and his family were on edge as they didn't know if the police would turn up at any time.

After our initial meeting, we tracked down the officer who confirmed there is an investigation, but they do not require to speak to the client at this stage, and now as he is represented, if they do need to speak to our client, they will contact us to arrange a meeting and not attend unannounced.

The client attended the office for a follow-up appointment the next day and said the action we took made a huge positive impact on his personal life, knowing we were instructed and in contact with the police.

His previous solicitors told him to "wait to see" if they want to speak to him and did not make any effort to track down an officer.

We took immediate action and also reminded the officer of the necessity of arrest and case law as we often find the police are too "arrest happy". This is wrong and the arrest itself can affect your future as discussed in our previous blogs.

If you believe the police want to talk to you and are worried about the procedure and need proactive solicitors, call us immediately to take action on your behalf.

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