The short answer is yes.

If you believe the police want to talk to you about an allegation, it is imperative you obtain expert legal advice immediately.

The police - on occasion - arrest people and do not follow the strict guidance on whether to arrest a suspect or conduct a voluntary interview as both these options are available.

The effect is that you may have to declare you have been "arrested" when travelling to certain countries.


We have success in highlighting to officers that strict guidance in PACE (Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984) and case law indicates that powers of arrest should only be used when it is absolutely necessary.

We have persuaded officers on numerous occasions that on applying the guidance and case law, our clients should not be arrested. If a false allegation is made and you are arrested and no further action is taken, the arrest itself still may have a devastating impact on travel and even future or current employment. Quite simply if you attend a voluntary interview and are not arrested and no further action is taken, the impact is minimised.

If you believe the police may need to speak to you about an allegation, contact us immediately on 0207 936 6329 or email to obtain expert legal advice, we can at times avoid an arrest.

We are specialists in defending false allegations.

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