By Neal Gozzett - Senior Partner MG Solicitors

Being falsely accused, or the victim of a false allegation can have a damaging effect on your work and personal life, often both. People make false allegations for a range of reasons, leaving you asking re-occurring questions of “why me?” and “what do I do now?”.

The answer to "what do I do now?" is the most important step and one not to be delayed.
Quite simply, you should immediately seek specialist, professional, and experienced advice and assistance from expert solicitors like Monan Gozzett.

stress-false-allegationMany people who face false allegations, have never been involved in the criminal justice system before and the thought of a police officer knocking on your door to arrest you or being taken to the police station for questioning, can be frightening. Being constantly worried will have an effect on your mental and physical health as well as upsetting your family and friends.

Our team at Monan Gozzett have experts that will defend you against false allegations and take control of the situation. We can take action early to put you in the best position at all times to give you the best chance of preventing the case from going to court. Our team will also put safeguarding in place for you and your family to ensure you are protected if the police want to talk to you, this can include contacting the police to arrange a voluntary interview to prevent you from being arrested. We can also advise you on reputational management to protect you and your family.

We have acted for numerous people who have been falsely accused across the whole of the UK and internationally and have excellent testimonials which can be found on our website.

Client care is extremely important to us which will make the journey less stressful for you and your family.

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