Being served a non-molestation order can be very stressful.

The orders are serious, with powers of arrest attached to them, which can mean recipients could face arrest if found to breach them.

If you believe you have been wrongly served a non-molestation order (perhaps the allegations have been exaggerated or are false), you will want to seek legal representation to help contest it.

Non-Molestation Order Costs

But how much could it cost to contest a non-molestation order?

Understanding the legal processes involved is important to getting an idea of the financial impact.

Court proceedings for hearing applications for Non-Molestation Orders are heard in stages.

There will be a first hearing, where the application is made on notice, i.e., you were made aware of the application before the application was heard in court or without notice, often referred to as ex-parte.

There will also be what is known as a return hearing where the Non-Molestation Order can be contested.

Where the application for a Non-Molestation Order is fully contested, a final hearing/fact-finding hearing will take place.

Here at Monan Gozett, we offer our clients full cost estimates outlining our professional services in connection with defending Non-Molestation Orders.

Before providing clients with our total cost estimate, we will invite you to join us for a discovery consultation with one of our experienced family lawyers.

We will discuss your individual requirements during this consultation and provide you with a full and detailed cost estimate tailored to your case.

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