'Can I appeal a police caution?' is a question we often get asked.

The immediate answer is 'Yes'.

People contact us and say "I was told that if I admitted the offence, it would be quicker and I wouldn’t have to go to court!"

However, it will only be after your release that you will realise that it could affect future travel plans or job applications due to checks carried out by your potential employer.

The Police have very strict guidelines and governance that should be adhered to prior to a Caution being administered.

You must admit the offence wholly prior to a Caution to being considered. After this if you are eligible for a Caution, then it must be explained to you very carefully, the consequences of admitting the Caution and that you accept those consequences.

Often these procedures are not adhered to adequately and can lead to a line of appeal. You can appeal directly to the Chief Constable of the police force which dealt with the case or commence High Court proceedings via a Judicial Review.

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