The dreaded blue lights in your rear view mirror.

Being pulled over by the police can be a terrifying experience and being arrested for drink driving can be particularly stressful.

But what actually happens if you are arrested for drink driving?

The breath test

Any driver or person in charge of a vehicle can be required by the police to provide a breath test. A police officer can request a breath test in any of the following situations:

  • If they suspect that you have committed, or are currently committing, a moving traffic offence
  • If they have reasonable cause to believe that you were the person driving/attempting to drive who was involved in an accident
  • If, having stopped you, they have reasonable cause to suspect that the person driving/in charge of the vehicle has consumed alcohol

At the police station

If your breath test comes out positive or you refuse to comply you will be immediately taken to the police station. There you will usually be asked to provide two specimens of breath for analysis. If the reading is in excess of the prescribed alcohol limit you will have committed an offence and be charged.

Being charged

The charge will be read out to you, along with the customary warning about saying things which may later be given in evidence.

You will then be asked to sign the Charge Sheet and be given a copy of it. Normally you will then be bailed to attend court on a specified date, meaning that you will be free until that date.

Contact the experts

Once charged you must immediately seek help from road traffic law experts.

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