Has an allegation been made against you which was formally finalised by the police as "no further action"?

If so you should be aware that information regarding the initial investigation could still be disclosed to third parties through an enhanced Criminal record check, even in circumstances where the complainant was felt by those investigating not to be credible.

What can you do?

The Police Chief Officer should, before making any disclosure, satisfy him/herself that the disclosure is relevant and, that the information ought to be disclosed. Each case must be assessed on its own merits.

You can make representations both in relation to the information contained on the record and/or the wording of the information contained therein.

The police themselves stress that ‘making representations’ can make a real difference to their final decision or to the wording of a disclosure, and that making representations would not simply be a waste of your time.

Monan Gozzett can assist you with advice in relation to such cases, can make representations on your behalf, can collating evidence to support your application, and help with obtaining information regarding the initial enquiry in order to assist your case.

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