We’ve moved our web and email addresses from www.mgsolicitors.co.uk to www.monangozzett.com.

Here is what you need to know.

Those of you who have followed our journey over the years will have seen our recent rebrand, the incorporation of Monan Gozzett LLP, our growing team, and our expanding service offering.

These are all reasons we have decided to change our domain name.

Monan Gozzett

We have always been Monan Gozzett, but the site was launched on the mgsolicitors.co.uk domain name for many reasons when we were incorporated.

However, the time has come to introduce the official domain, and from today, wherever you may be in the world and whatever device you choose to use, you will now see monangozzett.com on the web and our emails.

A great deal of preparation has taken place over recent months, and we have now made the move to our new online home.

The site, your experiences, your legal team, and the communication channels will look and feel exactly the same – only the URL will be different.


Email addresses will change, but incoming emails will still work if they are sent to our old addresses.

All new emails will come from the new domain.

If you are a friend, supplier, or partner and have any links on your site that point to mgsolicitors.co.uk, it would be great if you could update them.

All old URLs and bookmarks should redirect, but if you find something that does not, please contact us by emailing info@monangozzett.com as soon as possible.

Please stay in touch and keep an eye on our news and social media to stay up to date with our business.

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