Monan Gozzett senior partner Neal Gozzett has been featured in Tempus Magazine, discussing the solicitor firm's new security partnership with Valkyrie.

In the article, Neal highlights the benefits of the partnership, stating that Monan Gozzett and Valkyrie work together to offer a dual advisory service designed to protect clients from any legal and security issues.

The partnership between Monan Gozzett and Valkyrie is designed to provide clients with an even greater level of security and protection.

As Neal explains, "the firm's ethos is to be proactive and manage any crisis, and with Valkyrie's technical expertise and experience, they can make their services even more secure".

If you're interested in learning more about Monan Gozzett's security partnership with Valkyrie, be sure to check out Neal Gozzett's article in Tempus Magazine (pages 48 - 49).


Lady Ga Ga on front cover of Tempus Magazine.

Valkyrie article with Neal Gozzett in Tempus Magazine.

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