Rachel Innes is a Trainee Solicitor at Monan Gozzett LLP.

Rachel has recently graduated from the University of Law where she was a scholarship student on the Legal Practice Course and Master of Laws degree programme. Rachel’s master’s degree research report centred around racism and the link to juvenile homicide. Rachel also holds a first-class honours Law LLB degree.

Rachel has retrained to become a lawyer after successful careers as a business owner and an artist in the performing arts industry. Rachel brings advanced people skills and a desire to ensure that clients are placed first and foremost, embracing the Monan Gozzett LLP values of empathy, understanding and personal service.

Rachel has previously undertaken pro-bono work with an online law clinic, providing advice on a range of matters from Housing and Tenancy to Employment disputes.

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John Coffey KC

Having worked with Maria Monan on many recent cases I have always been impressed by the quality of her instructions. She is able to combine an acute appreciation of her client's legal position with a realistic and down to earth approach to the evidential challenges which each case presents. In my experience this is a rare combination and one which will ensure that her clients' best interests are always safeguarded and promoted to maximum effect.

Neal and Rachel have been looking after my case. Both are very knowledgeable and approachable.

They responded to emails and telephone calls quickly and efficiently, have kept me updated throughout and advised on next steps, which has led to a very positive outcome.

Highly recommend.

A.D.Davis KC

I have worked with and known Maria Monan for many years. Her conduct of cases is always outstanding. She is proactive in her preparation of the case and always follows up advice from counsel. Maria is an excellent solicitor. She has a calm and quiet assurance and earns immediate respect from everyone she meets.

Monan Gozzett is outstanding, especially Rachel Innes for her brilliant work preparing representations which resulted in a police NFA, but also my gratitude for their caring support and guidance during what was an extremely difficult time.

I am an experienced person involved in sport as a referee - my world came crashing down when i was arrested out of no where for a false allegation of rape, the shock, upset and distressed being taken away, locked up in a cell and interviewed for something i did not do was degrading and i was scared. To be falsely accused of abuse when you're a child abuse victim yourself is heart-breaking.

I was desperate and reached out to Neal for help - Neal and Rachel have assisted me to get these vile and distressing allegations dropped before it got to CPS which had saved me more unwelcome distress and upset - which has been very acute and difficult given that i have poor mental health anyway and am vulnerable . They have also provided emotional support, every step of the way, at what has been a difficult and challenging time and i would recommend that anyone - who finds them selves, in this distressing situation that there is help out there and would recommend that they seek help to get matters resolved. The fact they believed in my innocent proved a shinning light of hope and helped having people believe in your innocence. I hope to rebuild my career and do what i enjoy now. Thankyou for everything - it means a lot for the bottom of my heart

This firm were so helpful.
They took time to listen and reassured me. They gave me such brilliant advice and did not dismiss my concerns. I was also very impressed as they even rang me to see if there was anything else they could help with. All of this was part of a free consultation on the phone.

I rang other companies, this company was head and shoulders above everyone else. If I ever needed advice or support again, I would highly recommend this firm.

Sometimes the slightest things alter the pathway of our lives, the merest breath of a circumstance, a random moment that connects like a meteorite striking the earth. Lives swivelled, changing direction on the strength of a false allegation.

This was to be this direction my partner and I experienced far back in May 2018, when evil and chance made haste in inflicting torment and uncertainty into our once normal and tranquil existence, by an individual act of false witness against myself.

By the grace of god my partner found Neal Gozzett, and his firm, (as one suitable in our home town was absent) he alone has restored our positive foresight of the future after 13 months, with his empathy, diligence, appropriate humour and ultimately the skill and command he has in dealing with this horrendous voyage of anguish, being accused of historical sexual abuse, Neal Gozzett was at our side all the way, with emotional and practical support. He, with the aid of his PA both with the knowledge in dealing directly with this kind of malicious circumstance, enabled him to legally question, analyse and reproach the actions during the investigations, leading to us now taking further advice from Neal Gozzett moving forward.

His attention to detail, aptitude and powerful stance has proven him to be a legal force, when representing a client, gaining mutual trust between he and them, so that they form a professional understanding of each other. Now we have finally come to a bright horizon in our journey, it is time to rebuild for better and stronger, with eyes wider, proven innocence and that good overpowers evil. With the aid of Neal Gozzett and his firm, our future and lives have been saved.

Neal and Rachel helped me get vile and distressing allegations against me dropped before it got to CPS, which saved me more unwelcome distress and upset.

They also provided emotional support every step of the way, at what was a difficult and challenging time. The fact they believed in my innocence proved a shining light of hope.

On a personal note, I feel very indebted to all the people I have worked with at Monan Gozzett, in particular yourself. Everybody I have dealt with has been exceptionally professional, provided good guidance and genuinely care about an individual in terrible circumstances. What has happened has been truly life changing and I thank you very much for all your help, efforts and kindness towards me.....it has helped the situation hugely. In particular I will always remember your advice to me after we left the Police station in Feb 2022..."trust the process" were your words - It calmed me very much and proved to be correct.

I am currently completing my new will with Monan Gozzett - it seems I have used nearly every department in the company!