Being charged with a sexual offence - or even facing accusations - is very serious and can have massive implications for you and your loved ones.

There are a number of defences that can be used for varying types of sexual offences.

The list below offers just a brief overview of some of these.

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Consent is perhaps the most common defence for sexual assault.

No offence was committed if the defence can prove that any sexual activity was consensual.


This is a much less common defence.

An offence like sexual touching can be accidental. For example, if a defendant were to walk past someone and accidentally brush their breast. This type of defence can be easily quashed, particularly if the accused has faced previous similar allegations. In this type of case the meticulous gathering of defence evidence is vital to support our client's account.


If the accused person has a strong alibi for the time in question (i.e. it can be proved they were in a different location), this could be used as a defence against sexual offences.

Alibis are stronger if witnesses can corroborate them. Our team of sexual offence lawyers are expert and meticulous in gathering defence evidence and leave no stone unturned.

Automatism and Parasomnia

This defence relies on proof that the accused did not act voluntarily. For example, someone may have committed an offence while sleepwalking or due to a medical episode like epilepsy.


If it can be proved that witnesses have colluded - or lied - in their evidence, then this can be an effective defence for sexual assault allegations.

Doli incapax

This refers to a child’s capacity to have sex (in legal terms) and is a defence used most commonly in historic sex abuse cases.


Prosecutors must prove that defendants committed sexual offences voluntarily. If they did so under duress – for example, if they were threatened with grievous bodily harm – then this could be used as a basis for a defence.


The defendant could claim that the person making the sex offence accusation is making it up. If it is proven the allegation is fabricated, there will be no case to face.

Innocent association

This defence would essentially aim to prove that, while the defendant is known to the complainant, their association was purely innocent and not sexual.


Insanity – and therefore diminished responsibility - is a common defence for a number of crimes. In relation to sexual offences, it could be used in conjunction with automatism and parasomnia.


Ignorance of any country’s laws is not a defence. However, if a defendant mistakenly believes that the complainant’s age is different to the truth, this could be used as a defence for sexual offences. For example, if they believed them to be the UK age of consent.

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