Louise Turner is a Senior Associate, and a Chartered Legal Executive at Monan Gozzett LLP.

She specialises in all aspects of criminal defence work as well as education law, specifically School Admission Appeals, having completed training as Clerk to the School Admissions Appeal Panel within a local authority. Louise can also assist in relation to School Exclusion appeals, Safeguarding, special education needs, including Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP) and complaints, including applications to amend data held by an education setting in respect of a pupil.

She also has a particular interest in supporting and representing bereaved families on matters concerning inquests before the coroner's court.

Louise is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives as well as a CILEX Litigator and Advocate in Criminal Proceedings, meaning that she acts in her own right on behalf of clients in criminal proceedings. She has many years of experience as a court advocate in criminal proceedings having gained her Magistrates Court qualification and was admitted to the Law Society Criminal Litigation Scheme in 2013. Louise has also been an accredited Police Station representative for over 18 years. Louise is also a member of Resolution, a community of family justice professionals who work with families and individuals to resolve issues in a constructive way.

Protecting her clients against false allegations is where Louise is an expert. She approaches cases in a highly proactive way and places high importance on early engagement with the Police and Prosecution to resolve cases at the earliest opportunity for her clients.

Over her years of experience, Louise has represented clients in serious and complex criminal matters, including murder, manslaughter, fraud, and serious sexual assault cases. Louise also has experience representing clients in taxi licensing appeals, prosecutions by environmental health and trading standards, and complaints made against members of the medical profession before the General Medical Council.

Experienced in representing clients from professional backgrounds, Louise is good at seeing the big picture for a client, ensuring that her representation not only considers the case in hand but is particularly expert at considering the overall impact a case may have in relation to a client’s professional reputation, status, and ability to practice.

Louise also uses her investigatory and litigation experience when representing clients in family matters such as Children Act matters concerning issues relating to children following the breakdown of a relationship, defending non-molestation orders and divorce.

Used to working with the very best and most astute Barristers and King's Counsel in the country, Louise is especially talented in listening to her clients, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a case, and ensuring the best outcome is achieved.

Over recent years, Louise has taken an active role in the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives by working with the legal professions to increase diversity within the judiciary. This work has included working on high-level committees including members of the judiciary and officials from the Judicial Office, Judicial Appointments Commission, Law Society, Bar Council as well as their regulators including the Bar Standards Board, Legal Services Board, and CILEX Regulation. Louise is now a Specialist Reference Group Adviser, helping to provide insights regarding sector and practice-specific issues as well as wider reflections on her experience as a CILEX professional. In addition, she volunteers for the The CILEX Foundation, a charity which exists to help address issues faced by those from underrepresented groups and to broaden access to legal careers by removing some of the barriers to legal education and career progression.

Further, Louise has good links with senior members of the coroner's court and has recent experience observing inquests on the paper and in person, including jury inquests.

Locally, Louise has founded a group with other professional women called Chichester Corporate Ladies Club which raises valuable funds for Dementia Support and their day centre, Sage House in Tangmere, which provides respite for those living with Dementia and their families.

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Recent Cases
Relevant Qualifications

Together Louise Turner, Maria Monan, and Joanne Coller instruct KC Sarah Elliot to represent our client, an engineer, charged with 2 counts of historic indecent assault. The client was found not guilty by a unanimous jury after only 27 minutes in deliberations, following a 4 day trial whereby submissions within the defence case highlighted the multiple inconsistencies within the complainants accounts along with photographic material presented to the jury in evidence, to highlight the dates and logistics of the allegations could not have been possible.

Successfully overturns a Penalty Notice Decision (PND) and prosecution in respect of her client accused of wasting police time by submitting persuasive and robust written representations to the Crown Prosecution Service who concluded that they would withdraw the matter. This means the case is now concluded for our client and his reputation is left intact.

Achieved a no further action for the client who faced a historic allegation of sexual assault on a child under the age of 13 years old.

Louise worked closely with Counsel, Hayley Douglas of Doughty Street Chambers to secure acquittal for her client who was charged with possession of a bladed article. The case relied upon the defence of “good reason” and Louise gathered evidence and called witness evidence to support her client's defence, establishing that he had a good reason for having a large ornamental machete knife in his vehicle.

I cannot praise the team at MG highly enough.
From my initial contact I felt reassured by the personable professionalism of every member of the team that I engaged with.
Despite many months of uncertainty and dark times for members of my family, Louise and Neal were always on hand to help, guide and bring balance and assurance in their work; involving lengthy and often frustrating processes.
My gratitude to Louise and Neal is immeasurable and has truly made life and the future look hopeful once again.
I cannot recommend their services highly enough. Quite simply outstanding.

Can I say a huge thank you Louise, to both yourself and to Neal, for your support and direction in this matter.
I know it is your job, career and profession but both your approaches were of care and consideration, that was tactful and considerate to the level of stress I was feeling at that time.

I won't go into too much detail due to the personal nature of the allegations. Suffice to say I was professionally assisted by Louise Turner who in my opinion is worth her weight in gold or crypto in this day and age. With her advice and guidance she gave me pragmatic and cost effective advice in order to provide me with a level of legal protection without breaking the bank. I can highly recommend Louise Turner.

Very good advice and prompt with no delays. The quality of the work was excellent.

Louise gave me some great advice in a school appeal that I was heading in the wrong direction in. Without the advice and knowledge that Louise gave me I think I would of struggled to win the appeal. I am truly grateful for this and would highly recommend Louise and the team, I cannot thank Louise enough.

I wanted to thank Monan Gozzett, not only for the work preparing the representations which resulted in the GMC not proceeding with the complaint which was made against me, but to also express my utmost gratitude for their support and guidance during what was an extremely difficult time.

I wanted to take the time to ensure I thanked Monan Gozzett for their work on my matter, which resulted in the police officer confirming that they would be taking no further action me following false allegations made by wife.

Thank you to the team for your valuable support and the work you put in to make this happen. I am truly grateful for the significant role you played in achieving this outcome for me.

When I first contacted Monan Gozzett I had just found out my husband was having an affair, my life was falling apart and I didn’t know where to turn. Monan Gozzett offered me empathetic and pragmatic advice and gently guided me through those difficult early weeks when I felt lost and hopeless. They supported me through the divorce process, providing me with practical and sensible options as to what I could do next. I was impressed by their balanced approach; they took a realistic and no-nonsense stance to protect my interests whilst simultaneously dealing with my husband in a sensitive manner, which enabled us to agree the arrangements in relation to our young son and finances.

I would like to express my thanks to the team for the guidance and exceptional care she provided me during what has been a very difficult year. The team were very warm and friendly, & dealt with my many insecurities and worries in a kind and professional manner and without them I would have not been able to cope. Monan Gozzett treated me with compassion and understanding, whilst always remaining professional. I felt able to ask questions and seek clarification and reassurance from her regarding the divorce process which seemed incredibly intimidating at times.

Monan Gozzett's approach and their availability was truly remarkable and has given me great support and advice every step of the way. I want to thank you all for being there for me and working hard on my case, this year will never fade from my memory and I will forever be grateful to Monan Gozzett for helping me get through it.

Relationship breakdown is a shocking and distressing time, it is so important to have support from a lawyer you trust and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Monan Gozzett as a dedicated and compassionate firm.

The fraudulent allegation made against my husband, caused such shock and consequent repercussions that it has been very difficult to think clearly and plan logically. We were very grateful indeed to Monan Gozzett for their sympathetic and helpful response. We are extremely grateful for the reassurance and encouragement provided by the team. It was so good to feel that someone understood my husband's situation and was 'on his side'. It is such an isolating and humiliating experience to be the victim of such an allegation.

Thank you for your time this morning. You are so helpful and discussing everything with you is like temporarily being an oasis of calm in what is currently a maelstrom!

I have been through a gruelling legal process that lasted over three years from start to finish and had a serious impact on my well-being. Because of this, I suffered from extreme stress, which I am sure meant I wasn't the easiest client Louise has ever dealt with. However, she was supportive and professional throughout my case and I never once felt that she was judgemental. I would highly recommend her if you want a professional and supportive solicitor who will do everything in her power to give you the best possible outcome in your case.

We spoke to Louise regarding an appeal for a school application which was rejected. She provided some excellent insight into what we needed to do to write a strong appeal.

Based on the advice given we were successful in our appeal for the school place,

Thank you, Monan Gozzett. You understood my situation and gave me some very helpful advice and information. I'm in a far better position having spoken with you and for that I’m extremely grateful.

In 2019 my ex-partner made a horrific allegation of rape and sexual assault made against me. I first made contact with MG Solicitors after reading their recommendations and testimonials from previous clients. I was immediately reassured that I had contacted the right people. Whilst my case involved sensitive issues, Monan Gozzett were non-judgmental, kind, and courteous in all their dealings with me. They were extremely thorough and I was impressed by their attention to detail. Much to my relief, my matter was discontinued by the police and I am now able to put this experience behind me. I would highly recommend MG Solicitors to anyone else facing similar accusations.

I wanted to drop you a mail with a huge thank you to the Monan Gozzett team following my “No Further Action” notice this week.

From my very first contact with (MG) I have felt that not only did MG professionally have my best interests at heart, but also showed a huge amount of kindness and care to someone who was in complete shock. MG also represented me in the exact way that I wanted to be…e.g. to work with the Police and provide them with all relevant information required to enable the correct decision to be made.

In particular I think that both Louise and Mellissa did a fantastic job and were very professional, whilst also showing a good deal of kindness and care to me. From a client’s point of view, Louise was really good at my 2nd Police interview and definitely helped me no end. I was very thankful to have Louise with me.

And finally, right from our first meeting you (Maria) helped settle me and gave me the confidence that MG were the right firm to represent me. I will always be thankful for the weekend call we had where you calmed my worries.

It's been an exceptionally difficult period of life, that will take a lot of re-building …… but I thank MG on behalf of my family and myself for your true professionalism. I will now move on to a record deletion application with MG.

Neal and Louise assisted me with preparing a safeguarding package after my ex-girlfriend started making threats and false allegations. Neal was very thorough with detailing the various options available to me and instantly put me at ease. I could tell that he was on my side. Louise was very detailed and efficient in putting together the work. They both helped tremendously in assisting me with navigating a very difficult time.

Louise gave me some great advise in a school appeal that I was heading in the wrong direction in. Without the advise and knowledge that Louise gave me I think I would of struggled to win the appeal. I am truly grateful for this and would highly recommend Louise and the team, I cannot Thank Louise enough

I have to say that I do find your work extremely well-prepared and thorough. I have very few queries or things to raise as a (good) result. I do think your clients should be very happy with the service you provide. I would be.

(Nicholas Barnes, Barrister)

Louise's expert advice, guidance and support led to a very positive outcome for our matter. She communicated with us every step of the way. Throughout the process we felt that Louise genuinely had our best interests at heart. Would highly recommend.

On a personal note, I feel very indebted to all the people I have worked with at Monan Gozzett, in particular yourself. Everybody I have dealt with has been exceptionally professional, provided good guidance and genuinely care about an individual in terrible circumstances. What has happened has been truly life changing and I thank you very much for all your help, efforts and kindness towards me.....it has helped the situation hugely. In particular I will always remember your advice to me after we left the Police station in Feb 2022..."trust the process" were your words - It calmed me very much and proved to be correct.

I am currently completing my new will with Monan Gozzett - it seems I have used nearly every department in the company!

Hi Louise

I’ve had now the chance to just breathe and take in the news.

I know I’ve said this to you earlier and via txt, but you’ve no idea of the thanks I have for you.

You believed in me from the beginning, from day one when I met you online.

I’ll never ever forget that.

The Law Society Criminal Litigation Accreditation Scheme Certificate - 2013

The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives Advocacy Certificate in Criminal Proceedings – 2011

Institute of Legal Executives – 2008

The Legal Services Commission Police Station Accreditation Scheme Certificate – 2006

Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives

Chair of the Chichester Branch of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives 2013-2014

Women in Criminal Law - Member

Trustee of Birdham Pre-School – 2020-2021


Specialist SRG Adviser, within the Criminal Practitioners Group of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX)

Volunteer to the CILEX Foundation

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