A young, newly-qualified professional, working for a multinational corporation, found himself subject of allegations made about him at work. Maria Monan swiftly provided advice, assisted by Alastair Sinclair and Jess Riseborough.

The procedure the company had followed, up until the point the client made contact, was fundamentally flawed. It was not “fair” in consideration of the minimum standards set out in the ACAS guidelines and in our opinion would not be considered fair subsequently at a Tribunal.

With a Disciplinary Hearing scheduled for the day after the client contacted Maria, this was successfully postponed, and statement was drawn up to provide prior to the hearing. The statement was key to our client being told there was “no case to answer”.

When your professional reputation and career are on the line, expert advice is vital and not an admission of guilt. Depending on the length of time you have been in your employment, you have rights and should ensure that your employer is upholding these.

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