Yes, in short offering a prepared statement can often be a good option in dealing with a police interview when prepared with the right legal advice.

Prepared statements can offer a client some protection if they have a defence they want to put on record in their police interview at the earliest opportunity but don’t want to leave themselves open to full questioning by the Police.

Hostile Environments

Police Stations and interviews can feel like a very hostile environment for our clients.

They might have never been inside a police station before, having never been arrested or held in custody.

Perhaps they don’t feel able to answer questions but do have a defence or partial defence they want to place on record.

Perhaps they want to account for their whereabouts, or for having a particular object in their possession, but don’t feel able to answer other questions that might be put to them by police. In all of these situations,  a prepared statement might be the best option for them.

Prepared statements can be prepared prior to attending the police station.

In some circumstances, they can be drawn up in the comfort of our offices rather than in the high-pressured environment of the police station.

They should be prepared after careful consideration and with full and expert legal advice.

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