If your child has been excluded from school, this can be a very worrying time for any parent or guardian.

You naturally feel responsible for your child’s actions, and now you face a meeting with the school governors who will decide whether your child must be excluded from their school.

There are various legal implications a school must consider before excluding a child from a school, and they must ensure they do not discriminate against a child.

They must follow their schools’ policies and procedures and take positive action in relation to a child’s particular disadvantages or needs.

School Exclusion And The Law

The only lawful reason for excluding a child from school is that of discipline.

A school cannot exclude a child for a non-disciplinary reason and must be extremely careful when considering all of the facts surrounding a child’s discipline before deciding to exclude them.

Where a school is giving consideration to excluding a child, they must provide an opportunity for that child to present their case before excluding them.

What If The Headteacher Excludes My Child From School?

By law, if they do, they must inform you as a parent or guardian without delay.

They must tell you how long they have excluded your child from school and their reasons for excluding.

If you disagree with the decision by the school to exclude your child, then you can make representations to the governing board, and if you are unhappy with the governing board’s decision, then you can seek a review of their decision by making an application to the Local Authority for the decision to be reviewed by an Independent Review Panel.

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