Maria Monan and Joanne Coller have secured  ‘No further action’ for a businessman, following a lengthy police station investigation following historic sexual allegations made against him by a family member.

The allegations were baseless and no evidence to support the investigation was found.

The case was closed at the earliest opportunity, preventing criminal court proceedings.

In another case, Maria and Joanne secured ‘no further action’ following the arrest and subsequent police station investigation of a veterinary surgeon.

The allegations could have had catastrophic implications for our client and that of his career and future practice.

The police investigation was swiftly closed following a full investigation that was concluded with no reasonable prospect of conviction.

For those in any medical field, it is vital to continue to be proactive, even after an NFA indication is given, to remove arrest details from police records for those cases where we can prove no offence occurred.

If you need any advice on this, or how an arrest could impact your career, please contact us.

Maria has extensive expertise in the regulatory field.

More NFA results for Monan Gozzett Clients

Neal Gozzett and Louise Turner have secured “No Further Action” for a business and family man, following an extremely lengthy investigation following an allegation of sexual assault by penetration by his life partner and mother of his children.

The allegation was devasting for our client and whilst without substance, required robust investigation with the police finding there was no evidence that would support further action against our client.

The case has now been closed without charge meaning that our client will not have to go through the ordeal of court proceedings and instead can focus his attention on his relationship with his children.

A further “No Further Action”  result was secured by Neal and Louise for a client working in a professional IT role who was accused of domestic assault on his partner.

Through investigatory work, we were able to identify flaws within the evidence which enabled us to make robust written representations to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) who reached the decision that the matter should be discontinued against our client.

It was through meticulous preparation that we were able to persuade the CPS that the case did not pass the evidential test and the evidence did not provide any real prospect of securing a conviction.

Our client said, “I'd like to thank you for the outstanding work you all put in - It's been a difficult time and I really appreciate the support I received from Monan Gozzett LLP."

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