This year’s National Grief Awareness Week (NGAW) is between the 2nd and 8th December.

NGAW is a campaign run by The Good Grief Trust.

Now in its fifth year, it raises awareness of the impact of grief and creates a unified voice for all bereavement service providers.

Sadly, we will all experience bereavement in our lifetimes.

Grief needs immediate acknowledgement, and when early access to support is unobtainable, bereavement can lead to serious mental and physical health problems.

The Good Grief Trust works with 900+ charities and support services in the UK.

Many are often not known by the bereaved or those working with them.

NGAW 2023 aims to help raise funds and the profiles of bereavement charities, highlighting the need for tailored support and reducing the mental health postcode lottery.

Normalising grief is the Good Grief Trust’s ongoing aim: to make the topic easier to discuss and help break the grief taboo, providing guidance on what to say and do to help the bereaved.

Legal Responsibilities While Grieving

On top of the grieving process, if you are an executor for someone who made a Will or next of kin for someone who did not make a Will, you will be left with many additional responsibilities and things to sort out.

This can seem very daunting and intimidating at a time when that is the very last thing you need.

At Monan Gozzett LLP, we offer free initial appointments to discuss what needs to be done, help you ascertain whether you need a Grant of Probate, and explain the process of administering the estate from start to finish.

You can then take the time you need to decide whether you want to undertake this on your own or would like professional assistance.

Find out more about our probate services.

The official NGAW poster.

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